Goodbye Summer

I really do enjoy this 80 degree weather, it makes going out so relaxing and comfy. I don't necessarily have to keep my AC on blast making me almost freeze. I can roll down my windows and enjoy the nice warm breeze in the air. I have yet to go to the beach this summer though.
I'll be going to San Francisco next week so I'll probably stop by one on the way :)
In reminiscence of summer, here are some of my favorites this season:
1. Chanel Chance (pink)
2. Dior Addiict #553
3. Caribbean Escape candle
P.S., i LOVE this candle. its a tropical mixture of flowers and coconut. it smells sooo good this time of year



September is such a lovely time of the year. It marks the beginning of fall, and soon the cozy days of winter. It's also my birthday month :)
I don't think I'll ever be a summer and spring kind of person- ironic because i live in sunny socal. Someday, i'll just move to the north pole and hibernate.
Speaking of birthdays, here are some of my wishlist fantasies:
1. Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf
2. Pandora Secret Winds Ring
3. Chanel Quilted Ballet Flats
4. Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm
5. YSL Cabas Classique Y Tote

I can't wait for the leaves to turn golden and fall from the trees in the middle of a rainstorm.
yes, bring on the rain 
byebye summer



What have I been doing lately? Oh nothing much…kidding!
Ive been obsessed with my 3DS XL and Animal Crossing. And I say obsessed with a lot of emphasis. I finally know why everyone and their mother’s have been playing this game. There’s something so fun about shaking trees, fishing, and walking around being mayor of a town. Plus, I really enjoy being able to play with friends. Currently looking for a cute case, not really sure what to get.
Next game to play: Pokemon White
Loving my new phone case also. Even though it’s nearing fall, it’s never a bad time for florals.
What have you been doing this summer?


Sugar Crazy

Japanese snacks always make me happy. the packing is always super cute and girly, and the treat inside is almost too pretty to eat.
last week a friend and i decided to go on mission to a japanese market
it was so fun! ive never seen so much japanese snacks! *_*

stopped for some yummy lunch on the way there
chili shrimp and spinach pasta
finally arrived at the market, this aisle is like heaven

 brought home a huge bag of goodies, i am a sucker for packaging..
  i don't know what this tastes like (yet), but i thought i'd share since it's simply adorable
hopefully all these snacks last me a month or so
can't wait to try all of them!

The Essentials

No words can explain how important these things are to me...
I enjoy writing, it's therapeutic for me. My agenda is almost like a diary; I write everything in it. Things to do, thoughts, secrets, wishlists, and sometimes the food i eat.
My phone is, at the moment, my ultimate candy crush device. I don't do much on my phone besides the obvious. I just like to dress it up with different cases and things.